Practice Makes Perfect

Today was the day that I (and many others) have been praying for. The opportunity to cast great vision and train on simple tools to help accomplish the vision. As only God could do, He worked out His perfect plan. 

I had hoped to see a few people that had been trained in a number of tools already and were actively using them. Instead we saw a mix of trained and untrained alike. Although not what we planned, this allowed us to go back to the basics and re-train some of the first level tools before moving to the next level. It even answered some questions/stumbling blocks for those who had already been trained. 

We were able to train sessions on discipleship meetings, remaining in Christ, discipling new believers through the commands of Christ, and (one of my favorites) God’s mission from Genesis to Revelation. What a joy it was to be a part of this training with so much potential to impact the nations and eternity. 

Did you know the first command that God gave people (Genesis chapter 1) was to multiply throughout the whole earth? You maybe have thought that was only physical because we do a really good job at that one. But God created people in His image physically and spiritually. From the very beginning this has been God’s mission and it’s the same mission today. If you are wondering how it turns out, take a stroll through Revelation and you’ll see that God will accomplish His mission. So are you going to be a part of it or not?

Build Your Kingdom Here

What a joy it has been to join God in His work the first two days here in La Paz. Our purpose for this journey (without a full team) is to follow up with the work that was started in May and do some “next level” training to encourage next steps. At this point, the majority of our time has been spent pouring into our national partners. These conversations have been similar to some of Jesus’ conversations in scripture, mixed with encouragement and very hard truths. I am believing that the horizons for what God is doing in La Paz are very bright and exciting. 

This morning we were able to visit with a brother that decided to follow Jesus during our last missionary journey. We were incredibly encouraged to hear of his growth and steps of obedience! He is currently involved in a number of discipleship groups in his community and trying to help others follow Jesus. 

We also visited a sweet lady in the village of Lluto who has been hosting weekly discipleship groups at her home with her husband. She and her husband were both reached during our last journey and have continued to study and obey the Bible with a few translators. 

In both of these villages we were able to cast vision for the urgency of sharing the gospel and making multiplying disciples. I am personally most excited about everything I hear of the work of the disciplemakers that partner with us as translators! They are being obedient and are hungry to see their city reached. Please be in prayer for our special training time with them on Saturday. 

The prayer that seems to be present at all times in my mind is articulated well in the Rend Collective song, “Build Your Kingdom Here.” As we drove from place to place today I was able to play this song from my phone and sing it as a prayer to the Lord of the harvest. The major struggle for any ministry work across the world is the difference between MY kingdom and THE or HIS Kingdom. We always desire for great success but often if we check our motives, they are based in our kingdom and seeing it grow. I fear this is why we are constantly settling for good instead of GOD! The need for the villages here in La Paz (and around the world) is to truly see Jesus build His Kingdom/His Church. My prayer is that God would use us (you and me) to multiply disciples across the globe and watch HIM build His kingdom! 

Watch the music video.

Thanks to those who are joining us in prayer. They are being answered!