Cochabamba Update

These days in Cochabamba have already been, and will continue to be, insanely fun due to the brother-like relationship I have with our national coordinator (Osvi). It’s especially fun since Osvi’s dad owns a restaurant called “Mencho’s Sexy Hotdogs” at which we will eat and hang out every night. Don’t ask about the sexy part…that’s what I’ve been told. 

One of the interesting things that happens to me when I’m out of the country is a complete loss of time awareness. The last few days have been a blur and I have to think very hard to remember what happened when. Despite this, Jesus has been showing me over and over how serious He is about accomplishing His mission. 

Last night (at Menchos) we met up with a potential ministry partner named Edwin. We got to hear his vision for planting and multiplying churches and how we could assist him in accomplishing the ultimate vision of the Great Commission. What an awesome God conversation! 

Thus far he has planted 4 churches in communities around the city and is looking for ways to equip these churches to plant more churches. Over the last two days Osvi and I have “preached” (mini-trained) at 4 different church meetings to start the equipping process. The churches represented in these meetings were so interested and engaged in our message that they weren’t satisfied with only an hour! We now have a three hour training scheduled for tomorrow evening so that we can share more and help these churches practice/implement these principles and tools. We are very excited about these churches and their leaders. 

Edwin is all the way to the left in this picture

Tomorrow will be another busy day with meetings at a guest house, with potential translators, and with other partners. 

Please be in prayer for a few things:

  • Meetings to be kept
  • Rest for us. It was a busy missionary journey and it’s been a looong two days in Cochabamba 
  • Discernment for myself and Osvi
  • Clear communication in trainings
  • People being able to attend trainings
  • Disciples to be made and the Kingdom to advance! 

Published by ryan.mcfarland

I am currently a missionary and the Communications Director at New Life Global Ministries. I love what I do and the people around me. Life is about following Jesus and loving people. I want to leave the world a different place than what I found it.

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