Wrapping Up Cochabamba 

Our last two days in Cochabamba have been absolutely awesome. We have been two very tired dudes at a few moments but the Lord has had such a purpose throughout our time here. 

Monday morning we were able to get out and see a potential guest house for bringing teams to Cochabamba. It was a little more challenging than we thought since we were just given a street name and told “it’s next to the church.” The challenge was that there were 4 churches within a few blocks and the house wasn’t on the street we thought it was!! Luckily we did end up finding it. 

Monday evening we had a scheduled training from 6-9 with all the churches we had shared with on Sunday. We challenged everyone to be on “gringo” time (meaning on time and not an hour late). As we were driving to training our car broke down! So guess who ended up being 45 minutes late….the gringo! Despite our tardiness, God’s purpose prevailed. We had 30 believers in the training and they soaked up everything we shared for almost 3 hours. After we finished they made it very clear that they could not wait until we would bring a team to start obeying. What an answer to prayer!!

Today we went and visited a potential site that was way, way, way out of the city. It was awesome to see the beauty of the mountains and countryside outside of the city. We had a great lunch with our potential partner and shared our hearts for the city and country. The day ended with a quick training of a few potential translators and dinner at Menchos. 

Osvi and I are both really excited about the potential in Cochabamba and we can’t wait I see what God has in store. As I write this we are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to La Paz. This starts the journey home for me. Pray for both of us as we miss our wives and babies very much and are super excited to return to them!

Here are some things to be praying for:

  • It’s been very cold in La Paz so pray there are no travel issues getting in or out
  • Pray for my journey home from La Paz to be smooth and quick
  • Pray that God leads the NLGM team to the ministry we need to be a part of in Cochabamba 
  • Pray that these churches do implement what they’ve been trained on and make many disciples and multiply churches

Published by ryan.mcfarland

I am currently a missionary and the Communications Director at New Life Global Ministries. I love what I do and the people around me. Life is about following Jesus and loving people. I want to leave the world a different place than what I found it.

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