We Are Just Here To Serve

Jesus modeled a very difficult character trait for me to understand. He was a servant. Even though he was and is the Lord of lords and King of kings he served the disciples that followed him. The cool thing about this is that the more you follow him and get to know him, the more you understand this important trait.

As missionaries on the field, people often look to our team as the “experts.” It has been beautiful to watch them individually and collectively choose humility and service over pride. It also has been the coolest experience for me to get to serve with these disciple makers.

Yesterday we were able to visit a house church plant in a local village and encourage them (pictured below). We shared some training with them and immediately went with them to go share with their friends and family that were far from God. It was AWESOME to see these believers passion for their village and join them in seeing many choose to start following Jesus!

Someone asked one of our team members about our goals for the week and their response has been churning in my heart the last few days. They simply said, “we’re just here to serve.” I’m humbled to walk with this team over this week.

If I could describe how I feel in my heart it would be what John the Baptist said in Matthew 3, “One is coming whose sandals I’m not even worthy to carry.” How gracious the Lord is to love and use people like us.

Prayer needs:

We have some sickness on our team and I have spent the better part of the night helping with that situation so I’ve only had about 6 hours of sleep since we arrived on the island Friday night. Please pray that I can heavily rely on Jesus to sustain me and lead our leaders in decision making. Also, please pray without ceasing for the health of our team and focus for those that are healthy.

On Our Way…

Our next team is officially on our way. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Dulles airport awaiting our first leg to Casablanca. This team of 11 will spend 7 days in Praia, Cape (Cabo) Verde training students and churches while walking alongside them in local villages to see the gospel advanced!

I’m going to try to keep updates on our blog so that you can be praying for with us. I’ll do as much as our WiFi will allow! Please be praying for our travels through Casablanca, Lisbon and on to Praia. Please also be praying for me. I miss my girls so much already!

Thanks for reading this and keeping up with what God is doing in and through our family.