A Look From A Different Perspective

Most of the time Ryan is writing the blog as a combination of the two views but here is a small look into Abigail’s perspective.

The Lord’s plans truly prevail. This week was not at all what was expected, but it offered so many things that we didn’t even know we needed to accomplish or experience. Since Adaline ended up sick with a pretty bad cold, I ended up staying at the house most of the week with her, Alé, and her two babies. I’m praising God for this because it lead to so many different opportunities for both myself and Ryan. We were able to have so many encouraging conversations, build new relationships and strengthen old ones, train many Bolivians, and share the gospel with people in the villages.

We are currently in the airport waiting to board our first of three flights. We fly from Cochabamba to Santa Cruz. Then we have about 3 hours until our next flight, which leaves at 2am(1am EST) and will land in Panama around 6am. And our last flight will board around 9am and we should be to Dulles around 2pm tomorrow.

Please pray for smooth travels, ease through immigration in Bolivia, and quick transition through customs once we arrive home. Also pray that Adaline will sleep! She didn’t sleep hardly at all on the way here and we are concerned that she might do the same tonight.

We appreciate your prayers and support. Sometime in the next week we will be posting a blog with more specifics of what God did this week in Cochabamba.

Prayer Needs (November 15)

We are so excited about the potential for today and we know that the Lord has big plans so we wanted to send a quick update with how you can be praying.

  • We are doing another training this morning followed by immediate practice (obedience) with the “main” church. Please pray that they receive the training and joyfully put it into practice.
  • We are doing more in-depth training with Pastor Edwin following the morning training. Please pray that we are able to communicate clearly and that he is able to receive this training and help these churches plant more churches!
  • After the training in the village, we are all (Abigail, Ryan, Ale and Osvi) going to sit down with Edwin to talk through the logistics of our journey in July. Pray that we are all able to get in the same page and create a journey that is the most effective for God’s Kingdom.
  • This evening (around 7pm) we have invited a group of potential translators to come and hear the vision and be trained. Please pray that this vision casting and training is beneficial for recruiting translators.
  • Finally, Adaline is still fighting a cold and fever. She is doing much better but her fever spikes a few times a day and she is not acting her normal self. Please pray for rest today and complete healing. Especially prior to our travel that will begin on Thursday night.

We simply cannot thank you enough for your prayers. God is at move here and you are playing a huge role in that!

Many Are The Plans

It’s always so interesting to see how God’s plan prevail over the many plans that we make.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

Monday was our first day going out to a village to train and practice. Our plan was to train in the morning and practice in the afternoon. On the way to the village, our GPS took us on various roads that no longer existed so that we ended up being about an hour late to our training.  Once we arrived, we discovered we weren’t the only ones to be late so we were able to simply move everything back, or so we thought. The training went very well and we decided to go out and practice before lunch. After an hour of practice, we returned to three grumpy babies (Adaline and our coordinators two kids) and Adaline seemed to have a fever. So we decided it would be better to return to the guest house instead of spending the afternoon in the village. The babies were able to take naps but Adaline didn’t recover the way we had hoped and seemed to be burning up. We decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and take her to see a doctor to make sure nothing major was going on. Through many prayers of people like you, we were able to find a great doctor that was only a few blocks down the road. We went and got her checked out and she was only fighting a regular cold! Praise the Lord. The doctor gave us some meds to control the fever and help her runny nose and cough. It was certainly not our plan, but it was awesome to see the way God worked in hearts to trust him in a new way.

Tuesday’s plan was changed immediately to help Adaline recover from her fever and allow all the kids a little more time to sleep. Ryan and Osvi went out to a village for training and gospeling while Abigail and Ale stayed at the guest house to do additional training. Both Abigail and Ale were encouraged by their time of training and simply being able to do life together. Once Ryan and Osvi made it to the village they engaged in some simple conversation that lasted over an hour until everyone arrived to take part in the training. The training went incredibly well and the immediate practice even led to a number of follow up discipleship meetings! While those that had just been trained went out to practice (obey), Ryan and Osvi did an additional overview training component with Pastor Edwin, which was received very very well. The training took about an hour and then they had another hour of follow-up discussion. Ryan and Osvi were both extremely encouraged by this meeting. After returning to the guest house, all four of us sat down for dinner and to talk through the logistics for the journey to Cochabamba in July. This led to additional conversations about future plans and future work in Bolivia.

Even though the babies haven’t been at 100% and our time hasn’t been exactly what we planned, it’s been so cool to watch God’s plans unfold before us and get to be a part of what He is doing in this city and country.

One Step At A Time

Here is a quick summary of our travel to Bolivia and time so far.

We left our home on Thursday morning at 5am and arrived to Dulles airport around 6:15 for our 9am flight. When we checked in the agent at the counter said, “you need a hotel reservation or an invitation letter stamped by the Bolivian immigration to get a visa.” Since both Abigail and Adaline needed visas they wouldn’t give us our boarding passes until this happened. I had paperwork for a Bolivian visa that we have used for the last five years but apparently that wasn’t enough. After a number of phone calls and about an hour we ended up booking a hotel for one night on Travelocity just so they would give us our boarding passes. We flew to Panama and then arrived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia at around 10:30pm (with a pretty grumpy baby). Through the prayers of God’s people, God brought our friend and brother, Roger (who works in the airport), through immigration to meet us and help us through the process. I’m honestly not sure we would have been given visas without Roger’s help. But through His grace we were all admitted into the country! We had the awesome privilege to stay the night in Santa Cruz with our dear friends (and family in Christ) Roger and Ximena. Then we left Friday afternoon to head to Cochabamba.

We were able to get a little much needed rest Friday evening to begin the work God had for us on Saturday. We are working to train and encourage a church in Cochabamba that Ryan visited in May when he and Osvi were here. They did some very introductory training with the short time they had and our hope was to see how things have been going since then. We were very encouraged to find out that the church had a weekend event/outreach/celebration planned with the theme of “one world, one mission, one step at a time.” How cool is that!? We joined them on Saturday afternoon to go out in their community and share the gospel. It was awesome to see that they had clearly been practicing and even have a few ongoing discipleship meetings. Then we were able to be a part of their celebration event that evening. We were also able to join them on Sunday for a worship service and a time of fellowship/encouragement. Ryan got the great privilege to share from God’s word Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with many trainings, time to practice in communities, planning and vision casting. Specifically there will be training/gospeling in three different areas in the mornings. Pleas join us in praying that this time is very fruitful but also helpful in equipping this church to be multipliers!

Here are some specific prayer needs:

  • Training in the different areas to be received and then practiced
  • Future plans to be discussed and prayed through
  • Sleep for the babies (we have Adaline but also our coordinator’s 2 kids)
  • Hydration for Adaline (they don’t have whole milk anywhere so she’s drinking slightly different milk and doesn’t always want to drink as much as she needs)
  • Coughs to go away for Ryan and Adaline (it’s been delightfully breezy but that has caused a lot of dust to be in the air which has lead to scratchy throats and coughs)

The Ultimate Mission

First, let me apologize for my lack of updating during the Cape Verde journey. My hope had been to update you at least a few more times but unfortunately, with the events of the journey coupled with the lack of good wifi, it became impossible to get a blog post out.

Let me give you a quick overview of the week since there were a few different components to this journey that lead into our activities. We were there to work with our ministry partner (Global Year) by training and encouraging their students while also working with a local church to train and mobilize their people into the harvest fields of their country.

The local church we worked with is already developing a “church planting” DNA so they had a total of 4 church plants with buildings and somewhere around 18 house churches. We were able to join many of these churches in their villages and neighborhoods throughout the week to provide training and then immediately put it into practice in the community. Most of the training was done in small groups by our NLGM team and then they took those small groups into the community to practice and provide any additional coaching that was needed. Many of our team did such an awesome job of training that they only had to model once or twice before the local believers completely took over sharing and discipling.

Some of our team training a local pastor

Some of the churches also have a preschool program offered during the week called “Proyecto Pepe” that is aimed at loving on the local kids in their neighborhoods. Our team helped a few mornings with this program to free up the teachers (and a GY student and NLGM team member) to go and visit the families of these kids. This was an awesome time of sharing the gospel of Jesus with these families and we were able to see many give their lives to Jesus and begin being discipled through this ministry.

Global Year is a “gap year” ministry that takes students 18-25 and places them in a country for 9 months to learn a new culture and language and truly seek God for the direction of their life. We worked with the 9 GY students living in Cape Verde this year to help them be multiplying disciple makers while they are there but also when they return home. We got the great privilege to do some “formal” training but also simply do life and ministry with these students. During the formal training, the students soaked up as much as they could and then immediately went out into their neighborhood to share. Throughout the rest of the week, many of our NLGM team joined individual students or small groups as they met with those that they are personally discipling. These are AWESOME students that are going to be greatly used in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our team and Global Year students


In many ways it was an awesome journey, but I want to take a step back and address something that came up in a big way. You may have wondered what I meant when I used the ominous term “events of the journey” earlier. Without getting into the details, we had a team member get very sick a few hours BEFORE we landed in Cape Verde. They stayed in the hotel, were moved to the hospital, and eventually ended up being flown out for additional medical care. That meant two of our team (our ill teammate and our co-leader) “missed” the week in Cape Verde. This brings up what I want to address. When you are a part of short-term journeys you have to actively combat the notion that the mission is only accomplished on the journey. This is very far from the truth. In Acts 1:8 Jesus calls his disciples to be a witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. That wasn’t a list of exclusive places, but rather an all-inclusive invitation to be on mission every day and everywhere. My prayer for every team that journeys to another country, especially this team, is that they would learn what it means to truly live on mission. Jesus doesn’t desire our obedience for one week in a foreign land. He desires us. All of who we are.

Let’s not miss the ultimate mission. Jesus wants to use us to change the world!

36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” -Matthew 22:26-40

Also, please be praying for my family next week. Abigail, Adaline, and I will be traveling to Bolivia on November 9-17 to set up future work in a new city and do leader training.

This is the lighthouse on the island. Someone on our team took this picture and is salty that I’m using it on everything. They shall remain nameless.