One Step At A Time

Here is a quick summary of our travel to Bolivia and time so far.

We left our home on Thursday morning at 5am and arrived to Dulles airport around 6:15 for our 9am flight. When we checked in the agent at the counter said, “you need a hotel reservation or an invitation letter stamped by the Bolivian immigration to get a visa.” Since both Abigail and Adaline needed visas they wouldn’t give us our boarding passes until this happened. I had paperwork for a Bolivian visa that we have used for the last five years but apparently that wasn’t enough. After a number of phone calls and about an hour we ended up booking a hotel for one night on Travelocity just so they would give us our boarding passes. We flew to Panama and then arrived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia at around 10:30pm (with a pretty grumpy baby). Through the prayers of God’s people, God brought our friend and brother, Roger (who works in the airport), through immigration to meet us and help us through the process. I’m honestly not sure we would have been given visas without Roger’s help. But through His grace we were all admitted into the country! We had the awesome privilege to stay the night in Santa Cruz with our dear friends (and family in Christ) Roger and Ximena. Then we left Friday afternoon to head to Cochabamba.

We were able to get a little much needed rest Friday evening to begin the work God had for us on Saturday. We are working to train and encourage a church in Cochabamba that Ryan visited in May when he and Osvi were here. They did some very introductory training with the short time they had and our hope was to see how things have been going since then. We were very encouraged to find out that the church had a weekend event/outreach/celebration planned with the theme of “one world, one mission, one step at a time.” How cool is that!? We joined them on Saturday afternoon to go out in their community and share the gospel. It was awesome to see that they had clearly been practicing and even have a few ongoing discipleship meetings. Then we were able to be a part of their celebration event that evening. We were also able to join them on Sunday for a worship service and a time of fellowship/encouragement. Ryan got the great privilege to share from God’s word Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with many trainings, time to practice in communities, planning and vision casting. Specifically there will be training/gospeling in three different areas in the mornings. Pleas join us in praying that this time is very fruitful but also helpful in equipping this church to be multipliers!

Here are some specific prayer needs:

  • Training in the different areas to be received and then practiced
  • Future plans to be discussed and prayed through
  • Sleep for the babies (we have Adaline but also our coordinator’s 2 kids)
  • Hydration for Adaline (they don’t have whole milk anywhere so she’s drinking slightly different milk and doesn’t always want to drink as much as she needs)
  • Coughs to go away for Ryan and Adaline (it’s been delightfully breezy but that has caused a lot of dust to be in the air which has lead to scratchy throats and coughs)

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I am currently a missionary and the Communications Director at New Life Global Ministries. I love what I do and the people around me. Life is about following Jesus and loving people. I want to leave the world a different place than what I found it.

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