Don’t Worry About That Right Now

This week has been an interesting week on a bunch of levels for me. Typically as a leader, I “float” between all of the teams and spend a little time with each of them. However, this week we decided that I would actually lead one of the teams and stay at one site. This is a role that I haven’t been able to play in many journeys so I was actually very excited about it. Being with one team for the entire week allows me to experience the whole range of ups, downs, and all the emotions that come with walking through the week with one group of people. It’s been very exciting to watch as the team I have been with has grown, obeyed, struggled, and overcome through the process of making disciples.

In the village of Ushpa Uspha, we have seen many hear the truth of the gospel, many nationals be trained, and many understand the Great Commission to go and make disciples. We are excited to see what God does in the days to come with those that have committed to continue the work of making multiplying disciples.


Each journey is very different because each team is very different. This team is no exception! The process leading up to this journey has also been very different. Because of all that God is doing through NLGM and my family, the weeks and months leading up to this journey have been very full with many new challenges. Most of the journey planning had to “take care of itself” because that was just the only way. As a result, we have been required to be a little more flexible in our decision making with less information to go on.

I also cannot deny that our current family dynamic has greatly impacted this week for both myself and Abigail. There have been some major developments in our foster kids’ case and some major repercussions. We have also seen our eldest struggle mightily with separation anxiety as I have been out of the country. Our hearts have melted as we’ve seen her fears (that are honestly quite justified given her life experiences thus far) cause her character to change.

In ALL of these things, we are tempted to look at “results” for affirmation. Whether it be disciples made or the health/situation of our children, we are constantly reminded that FAITH is the only affirmation that we need. FAITH is what the Lord deems as successful. FAITH is what allows us to walk in obedience and say “yes” when the Lord says “go.” When we know that the Lord says go, our only response should be YES!

“God will intentionally, lovingly, and mercifully refrain from providing us with certain pieces of information at certain times along our journeys—not to deprive us of knowing things but to protect us from the burden of knowing too much too soon—a seemingly subtle distinction with significantly different implications. This mercy of not knowing, in fact, is one of His most profound acts of mercy toward us. He says go, we ask where, and He simply encourages us to not worry about that right now.” -Jason Johnson, Reframing Foster Care.

Please Pray For:

  • The last day on the field with each team
  • The nationals to continue the work
  • Our team to be disciple-makers at home the same way they’ve been here
  • The emotions of our team (this last day is VERY tough)
  • The emotions of our family (we are feeling quite overwhelmed with all of the emotions from home and the field)

Roca Fuerte

Update From The Field

The first two days of this journey I have been blessed to work in the village of Ushpa Ushpa with a church called Roca Fuerte. It has already been an exhausting journey (up early and down late) but I believe that God has some big things on the horizon for each of the three villages that our team is working in.

My main goal is to equip and train the nationals as well as help our team to do the same so I’ve spent the last two days training and then helping people practice/implement immediately. Yesterday I spent a few hours catching all of our translators up and today we worked primarily with the people from the local church, Roca Fuerte. We have been super blessed with a number of nationals that have come and joined us in the harvest fields of their own communities. Today we had TEN nationals so we had a total of TWENTY people heading out into the village armed with the truth of the gospel.

One of the ladies that came with me was hesitant at first but stepped out to share the gospel and lead one lady, and a sweet couple, to express Faith in Jesus Christ! It was a great example to show that success is defined by OBEDIENCE! Our job is simply to obey and trust God to take care of the “results.”

The two nationals and the couple they lead to express faith in Jesus!

Today our team focused on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (specifically verse 18).

“So we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Update From Home

Abigail is doing a GREAT job holding down the fort with lots of needed back-up! It’s important to remember that the enemy we fight against is NOT flesh and blood. The day I left, our eldest foster kid got some type of bite on the cheek that became infected to point her face was super swollen. The day after that, when it was 95 degrees, our AC WENT OUT! Praise the Lord that I was able to make some phone calls (from Bolivia) to get someone there to fix it the next day. Today, our eldest foster kid (who suffers from what can be very serious separation anxiety) has been very concerned about me not being home and even expressed fear to Abigail about it.

Pray For:

  • Abigail and the girls
  • That our house would remain in one piece until I return!
  • Nationals to be trained
  • Disciples to be made
  • The Great Commission to be advanced
  • Energy for me. It’s been a very busy few days and I don’t see it slowing down. Gloria a Dios!