Mission House

One of my favorite parts of taking teams on “short term” missionary journeys is getting to experience staying at the “mission house” with them. It’s a place where they find rest and encouragement, and then are sent back out to continue on THE mission, to go make disciples. The atmosphere is something that you must experience to understand. When you are at the mission house every aspect of life is filtered through the mission first.

That’s our dream for Martinsburg.

We want a house where people can come to be trained and then sent out for ministry. A place where every aspect of life is filtered through the one real mission.

As we’ve shared in our last few blog posts, Why We Are Serious and Or One Like It, we are praying for and actively seeking to find a house to make this happen. We believe that our involvement as foster parents and as missionaries to the nations fit perfectly into our desire to live every day on mission and help others to do the same.

What We’ve Been Up To

We have been looking for a house that can serve 3 different purposes.

Room for more foster kids. We recognize how THE mission, to go make disciples, perfectly fits into our role as foster parents. For this reason, we see the need to find more space to have more foster kids. There are certain house and family size regulations for bringing foster kids into your home. In our current townhome, we are pretty much maxed out.

Room for more disciples to be trained. As a part of our ministry with New Life Global Ministries, we are working to train up local believers to take the gospel deeper into our community and to the nations. We are praying for a house that has space where people can gather to be trained and sent out.

Room for more plans to be prepared. NLGM is a completely mobile mission organization. Most of our planning is done around our kitchen tables. While that’s not all bad, we are praying that God will give us a room where we can set up camp as an ongoing office space.

Up to this point, we’ve looked at basically every house in town we could and have discussed a number of financing/fundraising options. We’ve followed a lot of different rabbit trails and here’s where we’ve landed.

Only God can do this.

There is currently one house on the market that seems to be perfect (396 W Race Street). But there is basically no way that our family can afford a house that meets all the things we are looking to accomplish.

So to make it happen we need one of two things:

  1. Someone else has to buy the house for us.
  2. Raise enough money to buy the house outright.

We don’t believe that either of these things are out of the question for God’s people.

Is it uncomfortable? Yes. It’s uncomfortable for you to give “your” money for things that don’t directly benefit you. It’s uncomfortable for us to ask you to give and then to leave our quite comfortable home. Honestly, I’ve just spent a year refinishing part of our basement into a home office that I love and don’t really want to leave.

It really all comes down to one question, “Is it worth it?” Which I think can actually be better stated, “Is HE worth it?

We all can see that things need to change. In the way we care for foster kids. In the way we take the gospel to our community and to the nations. We are working to take steps in the right direction to make a larger gospel impact in our community and to the ends of the earth.

HE (Jesus) is worth it.

I can’t express how overwhelmed we’ve been with the encouragement that we’ve received on this journey. We’ve had people offer support and inquire about how to do so. We have researched many different options for receiving donations in an effort to make the most of God’s resources. We have gotten permission from our organization to receive donations through our staff support account.

While this does have some restrictions, it allows us to be sure that 100% of donations will go to support us as we care for foster kids and make disciples of the nations. It also allows for gifts to be tax-deductible.

How To Give

We have set up a fundraiser on Facebook that you can access here. The great thing about Facebook fundraising is that there are zero fees for non-profits. If you aren’t on Facebook you can give here. If you don’t want to give online, click here to send me an email and I’ll send you where you can mail your gift.

What happens if we don’t get the house?

This is part of the reason we decided to collect donations through NLGM. We believe that if not this house, there will be another. And since the gifts will already be in the account, we will have access when the time comes. Also, since NLGM is a legal non-profit (501 c 3) mission organization you can be sure that no matter what, your gifts will be used to support us as we care for foster kids and make disciples of the nations.