West Virginia Avenue

The last few months have moved FAST so we wanted to share an update on what God has been up to and we hope that you will be as excited as we are.

If you haven’t been following our family here’s a bit of the back story. We have been prayer walking downtown Martinsburg for years asking God for an opening to see the gospel transform lives. At the same time, God has led our family into the foster care system and given us a heart to see the gospel proclaimed in this very broken system.

Throughout the year we realized that our family was quickly outgrowing our little townhome and that we couldn’t take anymore foster placements until we relocate to a home with more bedrooms. This also got us thinking that a home in downtown Martinsburg could be very beneficial for the work NLGM is trying to do.

This led us to look into a number of different houses. Unfortunately most of them were either too expensive or needed too much work. After actively looking for about 6 months, we decided that it would probably be better to push pause and wait until after the new year due to Ryan’s travel schedule and the coming baby (due in January).

Enter West Virginia Avenue

Less than a week after Ryan returned from Bolivia, a house popped up for sale in our email on a Wednesday morning. It was 6 bedrooms, had room for NLGM ministry space, at the top of our budget, and on West Virginia Avenue. Long story short, God made it happen. We saw the house 3 days later. Tried to make an offer but needed to sell our house first. Put our house on the market in 4 days. It sold within 36 hours. They accepted our offer within another 36 hours. So within less than 2 weeks we went from pushing pause to having a contract on the perfect house!

The house will need a lot of love over the next few years, but it’s the perfect size and in the perfect place. When we first stopped and prayed for God to lead us to a house in downtown, we were LESS THAN ONE BLOCK from this house!! After praying, Ryan walked into the street to take a picture and you can literally see the house in the picture. It went on to be the picture we’ve used for prayer-walking promo.

We have received a lot of support up to this point from those around us and we are incredibly grateful for all that God is orchestrating. We are continuing to pray that this move will make a great impact for the Kingdom of God in downtown Martinsburg.

Meeting Physical and Spiritual Need

While Jesus was on Earth he made a point to address both physical and spiritual needs.

“Jesus was going all over Galilee,  teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every  disease and sickness among the people.”

Matthew 4:23

He dealt with the issues on the surface, but then also dealt with the issues of the heart. As we have been involved with the foster care system it has been easy to see the deep physical issues surrounding kids and families effected. There is an incredible amount of trauma and loss regardless of outcome. We feel a special pull to help meet those physical needs when we can, while also pointing people to the greater spiritual need that exists in all of us. Our prayer is that by having more physical room in our home we will be able to better meet both physical and spiritual needs of the foster kids and families we encounter.

We Need Your Help

Although we have received great support, we still need help to make this dream a successful reality. Here are some ways you can join us on this journey!

  • Help us move! We close on November 8th so we need LOTS of help on November 7th to load up the trucks and on November 8th to unload the trucks.
  • Pray! We need LOTS and LOTS of prayer for all aspects of this move. Especially for the kids to adjust well and for all of the various projects to go smoothly.
  • Partner! There is an obvious financial commitment to buying a larger house that needs work. If you’d like to partner with us financially, you can give here.